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Professional Toilet Service in Santa Rosa

plumber repairing toilet
The average person uses nearly 20 gallons of water per day flushing a standard toilet, and the average person with a low-flush toilet uses about 10 gallons of water daily for flushing. If your toilet is running constantly or is overfilled, those numbers increase.
Also, wasted gallons from leaks add up quickly. Since water is a precious and expensive commodity in California, having a toilet that functions properly is a must.

Common Toilet Problems

We get frequent calls to fix clogs that cause toilets to overflow. While this is an obvious problem, some types of toilet problems that lead to toilet failure can be harder to detect. Toilet failure is one of the top reasons for water damage claims among homeowners each year. These are some other common problems that may lead to toilet failure:
  • Weak Flusher
  • Partial Flushing
  • Continuous Water Flow
  • Low Water Level in Bowl
  • Whistling Sound While Filling
  • Double Flushing
  • Slow Tank Refill

Why Prompt Service is Important

If you notice anything different about your toilet or see water around it on the floor, call a plumber immediately. Some problems may be pushing water under the floor below the toilet. Water damage can spread and lead to mold, rotting floor boards and much more. We can fix flushing and clogging issues.
If your toilet needs a new flapper or any other part to make it run correctly, we can fix it. Call our problem-solving professionals for fast service. We have been serving Santa Rosa and the surrounding North Bay area since 2006. Our professionals are licensed, bonded and insured.

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