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Fast Emergency Plumbing in Santa Rosa

Emergency Plumbing Services
Plumbing emergencies seem to happen at the worst times, such as on holidays or during the middle of the night. If you're experiencing a plumbing emergency and need immediate help, we are here to come to your rescue 24/7. We are a family company and have been in business for over a decade.

Do I Have a Plumbing Emergency?

As a rule, an emergency is considered something that can cause worsening property damage if it's not addressed immediately or if it leaves an important plumbing fixture unusable. For example, a clogged toilet that is overflowing is an emergency, because it poses a water damage risk and leaves your toilet unusable. These are some other emergencies:
  • Broken Water Heater
  • Burst Pipe
  • Clogged Sink Drain
  • Clogged Shower or Tub

What Should I Do Until Help Arrives?

If you have an overflowing toilet, shut off the water valve behind it. If you can't turn the valve because it's stuck, remove the lid from the tank. Stop the flapper by moving it, and this should prevent the water from flowing. Find something to keep it in place if it appears broken. If you have a handle flusher, tie a piece of string to it as an anchor.
For showers, sinks or pipes, find the water shutoff valve and turn it off. Don't use chemicals or other do-it-yourself methods of clearing clogs. This is a good way to damage or break pipes. Our professionals will safely clear clogs, fix pipes and help you clean up excess water.
We'll also tell you how to properly dry out any area that was affected by water to prevent mold or worsening moisture damage. Call our problem-solving professionals for immediate service. We serve Santa Rosa and the surrounding North Bay area, and we are licensed, bonded and insured.

We Fix Pickled Pipes!